Purpose of the company


We provide all works and services that is related to sector of Oil and Gas inside Libya and abroad, according to the applicable legislations locally and internationally, in order to achieve its purpose the company is entitled to undertake the following:


–  Constructions, installation and installation of reservoirs and oil refineries, petrochemical plants, laying pipelines, pipelines for the transportation of oil and gas , maintenance welding , protection and supervision.

– Processing oilfields and centers ,and carrying out the design ant treatment of accumulated deposits in oil reservoirs.

– Providing evaluation and testing services ,examination and analysis of data ,cleaning and coating of warehouses for oil and gas, using the latest scientific methods .

– Conducting non-destructive tests on all components of metal constructions and industrial vehicles, oil and gas pipelines, tanks, welding and oil lifting tests ,maintenance of all roads and different techniques ,and supervising  their implementation.

– Evaluation and study of corrosion and breakdowns in metals, and testing of paint ,coating and cathodic protections .

– Drilling oil wells, providing installation, maintenance and supervision        services .

– To carry out all consultancy and technical assistance to companies operating  in the same field and to provide services related to oil fields and ports .

– Exploration of oil and gas ,including land surveying ,in various geological, geophysical, geochemical and other means.

– Constructing, owning and managing offshore floating platforms for oil and gas exploration.

– Providing vessels, aircraft and all public and private entities with petroleum products, oils, greases and other petroleum products.

– Own, manage and operate the stations for distribution and sale of fuel and gas ,utilities and fuel collection tanks, and oil derivative of all kinds.

– To distribute, market, sell and transport fuel ,gas and oil derivatives .

– Carry out all constructions works, drilling and paving ,and heavy and light transport services .

– Cleaning and sterilization works for tanks, pipes, oil sites, processing all equipment, materials and means of production and drilling of oil and gas ,and all its workshops.

– To undertake the work of developing and training national expertise and cadres, to ensure a good level of productivity and management, and to keep abreast of technological development in the field of oil and gas.

– Import of machinery, equipment, factories, production ,lines ,raw materials and operating requirements ,plants ,drilling equipment ,safety equipment and spare parts to provide its services and for lend them to other companies operating in the same field .

– Providing expertise and specialized technical staff ,with high efficiency and ability ,and contracting with the necessary manpower to achieve the company purposes .

– Participation in tenders auctions ,or direct assignment ,related to the company’s activity .

– Invest ,rent ,lend ,machinery and equipment and devices to all private and public entities and to companies that working in the same field of business.

– Undertake any further legal business that may help to achieve the company’s purposes.


The company is entitled in order to achieve its purposes to practicing similar partner with other companies ,Entities and\or corporations that activities as the company , it also entitled to cooperate with such companies inside Libya and abroad.